A wedding ceremony is the legal step which confers the benefits and obligations of marriage. As a registered marriage celebrant I take the actions which solemnise your marriage under Australia law.

But a wedding ceremony has many other important facets:

* It enables you as a couple to make a solemn and loving commitment to each other about your love and your intention to share your lives together
* It gives family and friends the opportunity to witness that commitment, show their support for you in making it, and share in the joy that comes with it
* It celebrates a special and meaningful moment in your lives.

I will bring something special to your wedding day, by helping you to address all those facets. I work with you and your partner to develop a wedding ceremony which reflects who you both are, and what is important to you both. I can help to ensure that your ceremony gives you and your families and friends the chance to celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

Some of the special parts of a ceremony need special care:

YOUR VOWS - you may wish to write your own vows, or use a traditional form. I can help you write your vows, create something unique for you by working with you, or suggest vows which others have found to be right for them and which might suit you.

READINGS - many people have written moving words about marriage and love. You may have your favourite pieces, or I can point you to readings which reflect a wide range of personalities and preferences.

MUSIC - you are bound to have your favourite tunes or songs which can be included in the ceremony. I can help you, if you need it, with suggestions about the music to walk down the real or symbolic aisle, and then leave the ceremony as a newly married couple.

SYMBOLS - there are many well known symbolic ways to mark your marriage - sharing wine, smashing glasses, giving flowers, binding hands or swapping special items with each other. I can suggest appropriate symbols to you, or help you to incorporate your own symbols into the ceremony.

SPEECHES - while these are not normally part of the ceremony, they can be a vital part of your day. I can give you guidelines for, or help you, your family or your bridal party to write, speeches that are appropriate and well-presented. I can even draw on my many years of public speaking experience to coach them in making the speech.

I have married for a second time. I understand the issues which are important when your wedding is not your first. I can help you to create a ceremony which recognises that while different, this wedding day is just as important as your first. This may mean including or acknowledging your children or other family in a sensitive way, and helping them in the transition to a new situation for everyone.