We have many important events and milestones in our lives. We can mark and share these occasions with appropriate ceremonies.

Once upon a time just about everyone was "christened" in a church. Today, we are still able to celebrate a new life and welcome a new child into the world, and express our hopes and wishes for the child, through a name-giving ceremony.

These ceremonies do not fulfill quite the same role as a christening or baptism, but still give the opportunity for parents, grandparents and even "godparents" to affirm their responsibility and support for raising a child to be happy and healthy, and a worthwhile part of our community.

Marriage is a journey, which we know isn't always easy. Successful marriages are those built between people who not only love but respect each other, and who work hard at making their marriage a special one. Renewing your vows celebrates the success of your marriage, and helps you remember just how special your partner is to you. A renewal of vows can be part of a wedding anniversary, or just because you are still in love, and want to share and proclaim it.

You may be in circumstances where the legal step of marriage is not available to cement your partnership, or the traditional institution of marriage is not part of your belief system. But it may still be just as important for you and your partner to publicly commit to your love for each other and your intention to share your lives together. I can help you to find an appropriate and sensitive ceremony if you and you partner in a same sex relationship. I can also help if your relationship as a man and a woman committing to share your lives is one you do not wish to express as marriage, but is nevertheless just as solemn and important an affirmation to each other.

Life can take many turns. An appropriate ceremony can mark these and other events, bring some things to closure or open others to fate and opportunity. Bring me your milestone and I will help you to celebrate it, mark it or share it.