In the case of funerals particularly, appropriate rituals and sensitive ceremonies can help partners, families and friends to deal better with the grief, loss and dislocation which inevitably come with the death of loved ones.

In preparing funeral ceremonies, I take care to consult with families to ensure that the ceremonies are crafted to help those left behind find closure, but also to celebrate the life of the person they have lost. I believe that it is a privilege and a worthwhile vocation to help families find some peace and comfort at such difficult times in their lives.

The most important things I bring as a funeral celebrant are:

* Respect - for those who have died, and for those who are suffering the consequences of death
* Diligence - in consulting families, and in writing and delivering the best possible ceremonies honoring those who have gone and those who are left behind
* Care - in helping people find comfort and closure in difficult times.

In light of my maturity and wide experience, I am comfortable in dealing with all kinds of loss, including the difficult circumstances with which other celebrants may not be comfortable, such as the death of children and young people, or death by suicide.

I can also help with other important parts of the funeral ceremony:

THE EULOGY - This is a part of the funeral ceremony which records and celebrates the life of the loved one who has passed away. It is in many ways the centre piece of a civil funeral ceremony. I can show you how to prepare a eulogy which reflects the person who was your loved one, or write one for you if you may not be able to do it yourself

READINGS - Many helpful words have been written by others about death, grief and recovery. Let me help you find the ones that best fit your loved one, and the way you feel.

MUSIC - Music can bring people together, create an atmosphere, help a smooth transition between phases of a ceremony. I can show you a wide range of music to enhance the celebration of your loved one's life.