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David is available for ceremonies in Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

"David’s contribution to our wedding day was significant and meaningful. He helped us define the tone of the wedding, identify what we wanted in the ceremony (and what we didn’t) and had lots of suggestions and resources to help us get there.  In terms of the ceremony wording, he was eloquent yet simple, poetic without being pretentious. The ceremony was written for us, with us and reflected who we are as individuals and as a couple. He delivered the ceremony with quiet authority and human warmth – evidenced by the fact there was not a dry eye in the place!  A wedding really is about the marriage, not the party; David made sure that we had the most beautiful and heartfelt marriage ceremony possible." Belinda Thomson, Sydney

"The wedding we attended with David as the celebrant was one of the most thoughtful and sincere ceremonies I have ever been to. The special attention to detail to the bride and the groom needs and personalities was indeed impressive. It was very obvious that he had spent a lot of time getting to know what they wanted and was able to understand their needs well. Whilst some weddings ceremonies feel like getting the formalities out of the way - David ensured that this wedding was special, unique and beautiful. I rarely would comment on another's wedding, but was so impressed with his work that I am saddened I am already married, & on reflection wish I had known of him when I was getting married."
Kristie Okely, Sydney