When I retired from full time work (too early, according to most of my friends), I wanted to keep doing things which were worthwhile, but had more of a focus on people. One way I found to do that was to become a civil celebrant. What could be more meaningful than to be a part of the most important milestones in people's lives, whether they were the happiest ones, like weddings or naming ceremonies; or times when people most needed support, when someone close to them had passed away.

I am now a registered marriage celebrant, and a qualified funeral celebrant, but I spent my career as a lawyer and senior company executive. I have served as director and chairman on company boards for more than 16 years. During my career I have spent more than 31 years admitted as a solicitor, and over 10 years as a public notary. Having retired from full time corporate life, I am currently a consultant advising clients on corporate governance, with a particular focus on charities and the not-for-profit sector.

I have wide experience in dealing with people at all levels. I have led high-performing corporate teams, and have also coached, guided and counseled employees and colleagues through difficult times of market downturns, intense competition, performance issues and personal problems.

As a professional, I am a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a fellow of Chartered Secretaries Australia.

I hold a number of community service appointments:

* Director, KidsXpress Limited, a charity which helps children who have undergone some kind of trauma to find coping strategies for their lives, through self-expression therapy
* Director, Advisory Board, Net Balance Foundation Limited, a not-for-profit think-tank specifically set up to work with small to medium enterprises, research groups, academia and other not-for-profit groups in the pursuit of sustainable business
* Adviser to the board of directors of Red Dust Role Models Limited, a charity which takes high profile athletes to remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory to model healthy lifestyles for children
* Member, Professional Conduct Tribunal, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
* Mentor to a number of chairmen, directors and chief executives of charities

I am married and have three children and two gorgeous granddaughters. I have been through plenty of life's events myself, so I can identify with your needs and your wishes.